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CASE STUDY: Upgrading a Children’s Hospital for Enhanced Patient Care

Alanna Fairey   

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Enhance Healthcare Patient Protection with Johnson Controls

A children’s hospital was ready to elevate its mission for improved patient care and powerful research and development. To do this, hospital leaders were beginning plans to build a new patient tower with a focus on pediatric cancer care. But the systems in place, including security and HVAC, were not enough to support this expansion. They needed to work with a partner who could manage the construction, design, installation and service of the hospital’s new and upgraded systems. And because of the lasting impact of the project — up to 30 years — the hospital required a partner who could service the facility for years to come, no matter what challenges lay ahead. Because of Johnson Controls scale and expertise, it was selected to take on this challenge to create a healthier, comfortable and secure space for patients.

Enhanced security and HVAC systems for an efficient and healthy hospital

Johnson Controls serviced the entire hospital’s access controls and video surveillance technology, an integral part of the hospital’s mission to reduce theft. The Johnson Controls Integrated Security team leveraged the Centers of Excellence (COE), a centralized location hosting some of Johnson Control’s top engineers, to review safety standards and engineering drawings to provide world-class support to the hospital’s local Johnson Controls team. These security improvements allow the hospital to monitor and track exactly who is accessing the facility.By investing in upgraded systems, the hospital has become a safer and more comfortable environment for children to heal and for staff to work. In addition to these security measures, Johnson Controls worked with the hospital’s engineering and construction firm for the construction of the patient tower. To support the tower, Johnson Controls built a new central plant and installed new HVAC components including fan coils, chillers and controls. Keeping in mind the tight space constraints, Johnson Controls centralized the smaller modular chiller plants to improve reliability and energy savings. In addition, cogeneration power with heat pumps provided energy savings and a hot water source for the hospital. These implementations would keep the hospital environment comfortable and highly efficient, while enhanced HVAC systems could contribute to improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and control the spread of disease.

Ensuring an optimized patient experience through long-term services

By upgrading access controls and video surveillance, the hospital has prioritized its security. In the past, the hospital had struggled with employee theft, asset loss and medication errors. By installing cameras with new medicine cabinet access control locks, the hospital is able to keep valuable medical supplies safe and has saved millions. Further, with the latest in HVAC technology, the central plant efforts show a 4.2 year payback. By investing in upgraded systems, the hospital has become a safer and more comfortable environment for children to heal and for staff to work.

For hospital leaders, maintaining a safe and healthy hospital environment is more critical than ever in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how you can make healthcare facility upgrades to support your long-term goals at

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