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The Importance of Flexible and Adaptable Software — Now More Than Ever

Alanna Fairey   

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COVID-19 has thrown into sharp relief the need for technology solutions to be flexible and adaptable. As we move into 2021, there are now increased demands on your essential distributed workforces to perform duties beyond what was required pre-pandemic. Your business is responsible for keeping your guards safe and properly equipped with the tools they need while remaining accountable to your customers and contracts. With no firm answers on what protocols may stay long-term, or what else the future holds for the security industry, it’s more important than ever for your holistic software management solution to support your evolving needs.

Employee health and safety

Mobile workforce management tools and employee self-service tools can be used to communicate with field-based employees, collect information, and in some cases, track the history of responses to health questions. A workforce management solution with reporting functions and simple messaging can help ensure your guards are as safe as possible while on the job and minimizes the risk of transmission of illness.

Employee training and acknowledgement

Your workforce management solution should offer forms to communicate new risks and protocols to guards and capture acknowledgement and understanding of these requirements. These forms could include how-tos, safety procedures and personal protective equipment (PPE) instructions. Employee self-service portals can also be leveraged to communicate safety messages and house things like best practices and supplemental policies.

Site assessments and inspections In addition to regular inspections as part of existing contract obligations, customers are asking security contractors to be their eyes and ears across more functions like cleaning and management of other third-party contractors. Simple assessment and inspection tools can help guide security officers through cleaning inspections and provide instant reporting to your end-customers.


Visitor screening

Security officers may also be tasked with screening all visitors and entrants to a building. This is another example of how forms can help streamline screening processes, ensuring standard execution by your officers and providing crucial reporting to your customers including visitor details like name, contact information and purpose of visit along with temperature and exposure risk assessments.

Even when times are good, we know that security contractors face thin profit margins. So, when times are tough, streamlining and connecting your core business functions and remaining flexible is even more important. Although everything can’t be anticipated or controlled, the right holistic software solution created specifically for security companies can be used to proactively address and mitigate some of the side effects. Your services are essential to keeping the world safe and secure. Your software solution should be essential to you, no matter what new challenges life throws your way.

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