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Case Study: Security Company Improves Operational Efficiency by 40%

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Security Solutions (I) Ltd Safeguards Supervisory Time, Streamlines Processes, and Improves Client Experience with Trackforce Valiant

25% Reduction in Time Spent on Reporting
40% Improvement in operational efficiency

Security Solutions (I) Ltd, headquartered in Northern Ireland, formed initially in 2010 concentrating on private security in 2017 and achieving ACS accreditation in 2020. The company specialises in onsite and manned guarding security, K9 patrols, CCTV monitoring and response, and more. In the past, the company relied on paper and email for reporting and guard task management but needed a system to bring their business to the 21st Century.


In the past, Security Solutions (I) Ltd reporting of overnight guard activity and site incidents were delayed and had to be completed by the supervisors in the morning. This created a delay of reports and muddled transparency between the company and their clients. They needed a way to track the work of their guards as well as know where they were and what they were doing.

Security Solutions (I) Ltd Needed a System to Better Manage Guard Patrols and Tasks
The company needed a system that could handle various tasks. Guard tracking, Lone Worker Protection, Visitor Management, and automated Reporting were big ticket items that would help Security Solutions (I) Ltd stand out and complete their contractual obligations with assurance and transparency.

Security Solutions (I) Ltd needed the ability to track their night guards activity and to ensure check points were properly checked. Since their guards recorded thermal information on their equipment, reports needed to show proof that their guards were accountable and that equipment safety was on par with regulations and contractual obligations. The ability to review historical reporting records was essential.


Security Solutions (I) Ltd Enhances Reporting for Accountability, Proactivity, and Transparency
It was important for Security Solutions (I) Ltd guards to complete reports while on patrol and to remove elements of paper processing, such as the use of a paper guardbook. Before, supervisors spent on average 2 hours a day sifting through reports filed the previous night. This caused the company to operate inefficiently, as supervisors notified clients with a next-day delay.

John Mcgladery, Security Solutions Ireland Ltd

“Trackforce Valiant’s reporting allows us to be proactive, provides clarity, and provides transparency from guards to clients. We have nothing to hide.” – John Mcgladery, Managing Director at Security Solutions Ireland Ltd

Security Solutions (I) Ltd guards now use a mobile device equipped with the Trackforce Valiant application. The application allows guards to attach photos, videos, and text to their digital reports while proactively processing reports to stakeholders without delays.

Visitor Management Saves Security Solutions (I) Ltd and Client Time
With Trackforce, Security Solutions (I) Ltd found a way to transition from manual visitor check in to involving the client to help to document upcoming visitors with the Visitor Management solution. Trackforce Valiant’s Visitor Management allows for badge creation, the creation of visitor lists for pre-check in set up, and the use of a digital visitor logbook. This allowed the company to give their clients a clear view of visitors on sites while still managing visitor lists.

Security Solutions (I) Ltd Uses Lone Worker Protection to Manage Guard Safety During Busy Work Hours
During night shifts, Security Solutions (I) Ltd used Trackforce Valiant’s Lone Working Protection, or “falling down man”, to check on guard status when nights were too busy to visit guards at each individual station.


Security Solutions (I) Ltd Gained Back Time Lossed
In using Trackforce Valiant’s security workforce management platform, Security Solutions (I) Ltd saved approximately 25% of supervisors’ time spent on reporting, processing and client communications. In the beginning, the company’s clients were fixated on the number of tags guards scanned, and if any were missing. Now in using Trackforce Valiant’s Real-Time Dashboards, the company is able to visualize guard activity, including tags scanned and missed, while also providing justification as to what occurred and why. This all ties back to the Security Solutions (I) Ltd mission to provide transparency to their clients.

“We were looking for something to track guards, give us the ability to share information with our clients, and a solution that supported GDPR compliance. Trackforce Valiant brought us to the 21st century.” – John Mcgladery, Managing Director at Security Solutions Ireland Ltd

When Security Solutions (I) Ltd started, they did not have technology implemented. With the use of Trackforce Valiant, the company is now 40% more efficient in its operations and has saved client time by streamlining processes, like client reporting and other health and safety aspects, and substantially improved client satisfaction.

Overall Experience

“Customer success gave us the feeling that we weren’t alone. It was worth its weight in gold.” – John Mcgladery, Managing Director at Security Solutions Ireland Ltd

With Trackforce Valiant, Security Solutions (I) Ltd was able to modernise their operations and step away from paper and pencil. The sales process was transparent and implementation was professional, supportive, and easy.

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