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Top 10 Under 40: Tanisha Singh, Manager, cyber security awareness and training, Loblaw Companies Ltd.

By Canadian Security Staff   

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What do you enjoy most about security?

What I enjoy most about security is the constant challenge and ever-changing landscape, where each day presents new opportunities to explore innovative ideas. I am passionate about promoting the importance of security by finding creative and unique ways to engage diverse audiences. Through a combination of empathy and innovation, I am able to build strong relationships with my colleagues as I advocate for cyber-awareness. Knowing that my efforts contribute to safeguarding valuable data and protecting individuals and my organization gives me a strong sense of purpose in my work. As a woman in the security sector, I am empowered to inspire others by breaking stereotypes, serving as a role model, and paving a way for greater diversity and inclusivity in the field.

Is there one piece of advice you have received that has helped you engage with your security role more effectively?

A crucial piece of advice that has significantly influenced my journey is to always stay curious and have a growth mindset. This guidance encourages me to continuously obtain new knowledge, challenge the status quo, stay informed on emerging threats, seek mentorship from experienced leaders, and actively pursue experiences that push me to grow both personally and professionally. By embracing a mindset of lifelong learning, I have been able to adapt to the dynamic nature of security and leverage an entrepreneurial spirit to engage colleagues in creative ways.


What do you do outside of your job that helps you manage stress or gain perspective on your work?

Outside of my role, I’m deeply invested in maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, which not only helps me manage stress but also provides valuable perspective on my work in security. As a certified personal trainer, I understand the importance of prevention, education, continuous improvement and empowerment in both fields. Just as I educate clients about potential risks and best practices in personal training, I raise awareness and educate colleagues on security threats and protocols to fortify Loblaw’s security posture. Both fields require staying up to date with the latest trends, techniques, and threats to provide clients and colleagues with the most effective guidance, learning and protection.

Do you have any advice for budding security professionals who are interested in launching a career?

Don’t shy away from pivoting into the industry even if you don’t have a security background. I believe that diverse professional experiences bring valuable and distinctive perspectives to the table. To be more competitive I recommend exploring cyber certifications and bootcamps, connecting with seasoned professionals, attending industry events, and engaging in online communities. Networking not only opens doors to valuable opportunities, but also exposes you to diverse perspectives and insights that can enrich your journey. Most importantly, having a passion to learn and the right amount of dedication can pave a path to great success.

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