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Top 10 Under 40: Cadisha Miceli, Acting senior security coordinator, corporate real estate management, corporate security, City of Toronto

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What do you enjoy most about your security role?

I love that my journey in the security industry is continuously changing and evolving. Fresh out of Police Foundations, I became a security guard at Ontario Place, where I directed traffic and searched for missing children! Following that, I worked security courtside for the Toronto Raptors. Now, years later, I am responsible for a vast array of city real estate, including everything from the Association of Community Centres to the Board of Management Facilities. This also includes the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, where over a million passengers travel annually to-and-from Toronto Island.

Staff development is an important part of my job and something I enjoy as well. I have a hybrid security team, but still I try and learn everyone’s name, animal choice and their career goals. Try asking someone what animal best represents them! Not only will you get a good laugh, but also find out a little about their personality. If you are wondering, my answer is pitbull.

How has the industry changed since you became a security professional and what further changes would you like to see?


I’m happy to say that throughout my career, the industry has changed for the better. Integrity is paramount to brand reputation and new technological developments have made way for enhanced accountability.

Tactics and threats continue to evolve, so it’s incumbent on every security professional to keep up with the new technology.

Outside of professional training, what has helped you the most in terms of skills development?

Find the right people and you will flourish. Early in my career, I would go to professional development events on my own. Back then I had many anxious thoughts about going solo, but then I realized that many people were also at these events alone. If you aren’t sure about putting yourself out there, just go — eventually, you’ll find your tribe.

How can the security industry encourage more participation and market itself as a viable and thriving career?

Make sure you are on LinkedIn! It’s a great place to connect to many people. The younger generations are already on LinkedIn, including students looking for employment with career aspirations in their profile headlines. This is the best place to advertise job postings and showcase work cultures to attract the right talent.

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