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Webinar: How to protect your customers’ data

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Regardless of the business you are in, the security risks your company is facing are growing and changing every day.

James Turner

One evolving risk to your company is card skimming: the high-tech way today’s sophisticated criminals use to capture personal data from credit, debit or ATM cards and even driver’s licenses or passports.

Join us on Nov. 22 to learn how your business can help safeguard its customers card data, brand and reputation by adopting some simple, yet effective, anti-skimming techniques and solutions. You will also learn:

• How criminals carry out skimming activities
• How the data they steal through skimming is used (e.g., identity theft, fraud, etc.)
• What anti-skimming procedures and solutions your business can implement to help stop criminals from stealing your customers’ personal information from credit and debit cards

Bank card and credit card skimming is now a huge security risk for all Canadian businesses. Don’t miss this opportunity to protect your business.


This webinar presentation is hosted by Canadian Security and sponsored by ADT Canada. The featured speaker and expert is James Turner, ADT Canada’s National Strategic Account Manager. James has more than 40 years of federal policing and private security experience and expertise. At ADT, James’ responsibilities include enhancing the customer experience for ADT national account clients by offering new products and security solutions, including its Anti-Skimming solution for the finance, property management, retail and petroleum industries.

Register now for this Nov. 22 webinar, which will presented at 2PM EST.

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