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Security Analytics & Intelligent Alerts Explained

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Visual data, video analytics and intelligent alerts can streamline security and improve operational efficiency. There are a variety of powerful tools available on the marketplace, so we have put together a quick and easy guide to help you decide how to run smarter operations.

Object Removed

This solution is used to alert staff when an object has been removed from an area. From worksites sites to car dealership parking lots, the potential use cases for Object Removed is only limited by the imagination. Set alerts and send notifications to security the moment a monitored object is removed.

Heat maps

Heat maps are a visual dis- play in the form of a color map, showing the areas and frequencies of motion captured by a security camera. Motion analytics and heat map reports illustrate visual data to show how people move through your buildings.
In retail environments this data is used to understand customer behavior and make adjustments to drive revenue. In factories and warehouse operations this information can be used to find bottlenecks and increase operational efficiency.

Face Mask Detection

Take a proactive approach to ensure employees and customers adhere to mandated health policies. Increase situational awareness and response times with automatic alerts for No Mask events.


Enter, Exit and Queue Management

Enter and exit alerts can set when motion is detected moving in a specific direction. This often used to alert staff if a person is entering or exiting through the wrong door or if a vehicle is traveling in the wrong direction.
Queue management is often used in retail to monitor POS stations and other areas. This data can trigger alerts that notify internal teams of longer than usual wait times to allow for better customer service. There are many different industry specific use cases for this application.

Skin Temperature Screening

Help keep employees, patients and clients healthy. Thermal cameras placed at main entry points send skin temperature alerts when someone with an elevated temperature enters the building.

Linger and Dwell

The role of analytics is to identify certain behaviors and make the job of the system operator easier. Loitering, lingering or dwelling is often a precursor to a more significant event.
This solution can be used as an early warning to alert staff of suspicious activity and assist in the prevention and/or investigation of an incident.

Crowd Formation

Crowd Detection is a video analytic that estimates the number of people within a given area or a specified percentage of people. Crowd Detection is ideal for pub- lic surveillance applications where the volume of people needs to be monitored for public safety or quality of service.

Learn how visual data, video analytics and intelligent alerts are used across different industries. Click here and select your industry.

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