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AmpliVox Sound Systems offers a variety of Mass Notification and Emergency Communication systems (“MNEC”) to meet the demands of emergency situations.

Whenever a crisis requires a large evacuation, effective communication is vital to the success of any response operation.

AmpliVox Sound Systems has developed a portable system that links response leadership through MURS wireless, secure  radios. During an emergency, the AmpliVox Radio Hailer provides a grab-and-go, battery operated system that brings voice coverage to an area where disaster has knocked out communication channels, and allows organizations to establish their own zone sites during a disaster scenario. These zone sites enable Public Sector First Responders, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), or Corporate Preparedness Teams to broadcast messages to the Radio Hailer from up to one mile away, literally expanding crowd control coverage.

In recent drills, the Radio Hailer system enabled a corporate emergency response team to effectively communicate with each other and with employee groups in large, noisy areas, including street level meet-up spots and building atriums. The clients chose to use their own two-way radios, set to a restricted digital talk group that only specified radio holders (management, fire/life safety, and others) could access. Set-up included one master two-way radio used as the transmitter, and additional two-way radios as receivers at each position. The master radio was connected via the headphone jack to the auxiliary input of the Radio Hailer amp, which received the signal and then broadcast the information from the speaker. The customer established separate talk groups at two sites: New York City and Jersey City. The Radio Hailer with attached radios was configured for both sites. In an extreme emergency, this would allow the company to link all the Radio Hailers together at both locations for an all-hands announcement.

The success of the Radio Hailer model in this corporate setting suggests a wide range of other possible applications for this important new communication tool. In addition to private customers, it is currently in use at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico and the 21st Combat Support Hospital at Fort Hood. The straightforward design could easily be used by local law enforcement and public safety officials at all levels.


AmpliVox also offers a variety of other portable, battery powered products that aid in crowd management, team communication, and coordination, including:
•    The SW300 Mity-Lite Portable PA – A lightweight PA with carrying strap and wireless mic, with a 35-watt amp covering spaces up to 1500 square feet
•    The SW720 iPod/iPhone/iPad Wireless PA – A powerful PA system for spaces up to 2500 square feet, with full connectivity for most Apple devices
•    The Half-Mile Hailer – a portable outdoor loudspeaker designed for the greatest range and durability under extreme conditions
•    The Mini-Meg and Mity-Meg – a line of portable megaphone systems that deliver power, multiple functions, and long-lasting battery life in a compact and simple package.

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