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Pulverizer for gun disposal

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GUNBUSTERS, LLC announces the introduction of the GUNBUSTERS Firearms Pulverizer system for law enforcement agencies intent on safely and efficiently destroying seized and surrendered firearms.

The design is the brainchild of Ray Reynolds, a retired police Lieutenant, with over forty years in law enforcement and executive positions with three major firearms manufacturers.

The Patent Pending GUNBUSTERS Firearms Pulverizer system enables law enforcement agencies to destroy confiscated and surrendered firearms within the safe confines of the agency. It is the first commercial pulverizer specifically made to destroy firearms. The ATF approved GUNBUSTERS’ pulverization system, includes an optical capture camera system with two high-resolution cameras that records the serial number and the pulverizing of each firearm. The video program simultaneously time-stamps the images to show the date and time of the destruction, while displaying the operator’s and witnesses’ names, and other agency information.   The system may also be utilized to destroy knives, computer hard drives and license plates.

GUNBUSTERS’ spokesperson, former Mayor and Police Chief of St. Louis, Missouri, Clarence Harmon said, “The GUNBUSTERS Firearms Pulverizer is a revolutionary method to destroy confiscated and surrendered firearms. We know agencies are recovering over a million guns a year and  the lack of disposal alternatives, coupled with prohibitive costs in transportation and security measures has resulted in property rooms literally overflowing with guns. GUNBUSTERS solves EPA issues and will create a paradigm change in how agencies destroy guns.”

GUNBUSTERS’ business model includes direct sales of the system to major federal, state and municipal agencies, and to regional service providers who will provide pulverizing services to agencies. Agencies may also ship guns to an authorized GUNBUSTERS’ vendor, to be stripped for their parts value and then pulverized.


Mayor Harmon added, “The cost of the system is quickly recovered in administrative savings, plus it is the first system capable of providing the Chief Law Enforcement Officer with positive proof each firearm was, in fact, destroyed.”

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