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How Enterprise-Grade Automation Helps Mitigate Risk in Your Facility

By iLobby   

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The global pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges as organizations rethink how to safeguard their workplaces and keep day-to-day operations moving forward. This new normal has emphasized the need for organizations to have a greater level of control over the individuals who have access to their facilities. This is particularly important for major national and international organizations where thousands of individuals may be entering the facilities on any given day – a massive volume of traffic that would be overwhelming to manage without proper systems and procedures.

In order to implement a viable long-term solution for the workplace, it is crucial that organizations have systems in place to automate the processing of everything, and everyone, moving through their facilities. That’s why Fortune 500 companies, banks, governments, airports, and manufacturers implement systems such as iLobby® – the present-day leader in the space.

Visitor management systems have become an integral part of day-to-day operations for businesses, helping organizations automate visitor data collection, tracking, and real-time reporting for security and compliance purposes. Where robust enterprise platforms are required, organizations turn to industry leaders such as iLobby – a system which is unique in its scalability and flexibility, helping companies quickly implement new policies and measures to adapt to changing circumstances. During the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, organizations were able to leverage the iLobby platform to react quickly to new developments and better mitigate risks by implementing precautionary screening processes, which in many cases exceeded the existing government mandates that were in place at the time.

Redefining workplaces and implementing drastic new measures due to COVID has created a daunting challenge for companies of all sizes, but turnkey solutions such as iLobby have been helping businesses more easily adapt to the new normal. These systems give organizations the peace of mind that, through automated processing, each individual on your premises has been properly screened prior to being granted access to your facility.


The platform gives organizations more control and introduces crucial security features that are a critical part of moving forward long-term. To help businesses further mitigate risk in their facilities, iLobby has introduced COVID- specific features such as COVID Questionnaires, Touchless Sign-InTM, as well as the contactless thermal camera integration FeverCheckTM to automate screening of elevated body temperatures – a first sign of a possible infection such as COVID-19.

iLobby consolidates and streamlines COVID-19 screening into one simple system, with an automated process that takes less than a minute to complete. Each employee, visitor, and contractor can be pre-screened prior to arrival and verified on-site when they sign in. Each individual is automatically logged to help meet compliance requirements and provide audit-ready reports. Furthermore, should an incident occur, the automated logs provide a digital paper- trail for easy contact tracing.

Going forward in this new normal, companies will continue to see an increased need for greater control over safety in their facilities. From essential business meetings, to on- site contractor projects, we must reimagine how we’re managing who has access to our facilities.

Currently, iLobby is the only all-in-one system on the market that provides this level of robust features and gives clients the flexibility they need to have true control over their facilities. From integrations with watchlists and ID scanning, to COVID-specific workflows for screening individuals arriving onsite – iLobby establishes stronger end-to-end control over individuals accessing a facility.

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