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Cyber Security Survey Part 4: What is the most effective countermeasure to an attack?

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Canadian Security recently conducted a Cyber Security Survey, sponsored by Trustwave. Respondents answered four questions pertaining to cyber security in their businesses. You can find the answers to Question 1 here, Question 2 here and Question 3 here.

Question 4: What do you feel is the most effective measure to counter the potential impact of a cyberattack?

Employee training (70.73%)

Larger budget allocation (9.76%)

Outsource to a third-party data security specialist (12.20%)


Invest in a cyber-insurance policy (7.32%)


“Not only training, but regularly updating the skills, and showing what happens in real life, and close to home, when cyber security fails. Similar to how driving instructors show those videos no one really wants to see.”

“As much training, you want to make sure that your firm is financially capable of accepting these cyber attacks and what the attack will cost.”

“Train, re-train and educate your employees.”

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