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Cyber Security Survey Part 3: How is the talent shortage affecting you?

Canadian Security recently conducted a Cyber Security Survey, sponsored by Trustwave. Respondents answered four questions pertaining to cyber security in their businesses. You can find the answers to Question 1 here and Question 2 here.

Question 3: How is the cybersecurity talent shortage most impacting your infosec program?

Lack of new applicants for open positions (5.41%)

Difficulty finding personnel with the exact skillsets we require (54.05%)

We have had better results by re-training existing personnel (40.54%)



“Too many people want to specialize to much. Need to be more of a jack of all trades.”

“While there are a number of cybersecurity training institutions, we feel we are better off at retraining existing staff for security roles.”

“Can’t get the people we require.”

The answers to question 4 will be available tomorrow.