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CSIS turns to Twitter to be more accessible

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Modern communications for a modern organization. That is the rationale behind the launch of a Twitter account by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

“It is important that the public understand the often difficult role we play in keeping Canada and Canadians safe, and CSIS has to be more proactive in that conversation,” explained the director of CSIS, Michel Coulombe, announcing the launch of the social media venture.

“Speaking publicly on the nature of our work isn’t always easy, but we want CSIS to be more accessible, and want to help the public understand more about our work. Joining Twitter is one step in strengthening that dialogue with Canadians,” Coulombe continued.

CSIS opted for humour in its first post on July 13, tweeting: “Now it’s your turn to follow us.”

Follow CSIS at @CSISCanada.


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