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Body armour protects against energy weapons

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Body Armour Canada is the first Canadian company to offer its customers within military, law enforcement and security ThorShield branded products, which protect against Taser-branded weapons. These ThorShield products are manufactured by G Squared Consultants.

The ThorShield fabric ensures that the electrical current conducts through the fabric and not the body.

“Being able to provide cutting-edge products that continue to give additional protection to our customers is what pushes us each day to make a difference in a somewhat over saturated marketplace,” said Bill Geraghty, CEO of Body Armour Canada.

The ThorShield Energy Weapon Protection Fabric provides effective protection against non-lethal energy weapons. ThorShield works by providing a highly conductive specialized layer of fabric ensuring the electrical current conducts through the fabric and not the body.

“Body armour companies only focus on providing protection from handgun and rifle rounds and/or blades; however, with the risk of assault from the illegal use of Taser-type weapons and stun guns, ThorShield gives back the advantage to military and law enforcement personnel,” said Geraghty.

“This superb fabric can be integrated into the design of new body armour carriers,” he said. “We also sell the Chameleon Electronic Control Device (ECD) training suit, the world’s only training suit that allows for real, live Taser-branded device probe-firing and stun gun drive-stun applications, currently in use by several US police departments and academies.”


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