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ASIS Women in Security event series focuses on empowerment

By Ceres Silva   

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In the year of recording-breaking live attendance and streaming for the Women’s World Cup, our Canadian women in security chapters are following a common theme: empowerment.

The empowerment of women professionals and gender equality is a constant and almost mandatory pursuit.

The work of the women in security chapters across Canada is essential for fostering an environment where women can thrive and contribute to the security field to their full potential. As these local chapters continue to promote empowerment, inclusion and networking, they contribute to a more diverse and innovative security industry.

2023 initiatives

In beautiful Alberta, ASIS Women in Security (WIS) representatives Amanda Lockhart and Lindsay Nicholson have hosted local events to grow and expand the chapter’s reach. An online gathering called “Meet your local chapter chair committee” back in March was pivotal for the great attendance of the “happy hour session” that happened in June. These sessions are important and enable women to connect with peers, share experiences and build valuable relationships. These events can lead to collaborations, job opportunities and a stronger sense of belonging in the industry.


Quebec, toujours exceptionnel: Sophie Laplante leads our French WIS group and did an amazing job empowering the attendees by hosting a dinner in Montreal in June with the presence of Royal Canadian Mounted Police team leader Camille-Melanie Habel. Her topic of infrastructure protection not only provided knowledge of threats mitigation but also promoted a more holistic approach to equity and representation from law enforcement.

In British Columbia, the topic addressed at their recent online event  drew more than 50 participants. Although not widely spoken about, it is very current in our online lives and is happening under our first world countries’ noses: Modern Human Trafficking. Cody Morash guided the audience on “how to keep your eyes open” for any signs, suspicious activity, and actions to take in case of a potential coercion of young girls.

In October, the Maritimes WIS group is bringing to us a current and utmost needed session “Generational Perspectives —Non-Binary Acceptance.” In our journey of empowerment, Heather MacDonald has gathered our friends from the industry alongside their non-binary kids to educate and enlighten us on how to be inclusive, respectful and highlight the importance of equal opportunities and fair representation.

Finally, I am honoured to announce our annual Women in Security conference will be held in downtown Toronto on Nov. 21.

All individuals, regardless of sex and gender, are warmly welcomed to the event. This year’s WIS theme will continue with sessions on “Empowerment — unleash your potential.”
We will gather to celebrate the profound concept of empowerment — a force that transcends boundaries, shatters limitations and ignites the spark of change within individuals and communities. Empowerment is not merely a buzzword; it is a guiding principle that shapes the very foundation of progress and prosperity in our world.

We have lined up three amazing sessions to ignite the empowerment we have within ourselves.

  • Entrepreneurship featuring Suzanna Alsayed, founder and CEO of Evolutz, an independent global branding, marketing, copywriting, website and business development agency
  • Mental Health featuring Rebecca Higgins, mental health educator, workshop facilitator and published author
  • Inspiration featuring Roger Caesar, an award-winning speaker and founder of Caesar Empire Speaking and Coaching

Ceres Silva is the Women in Security liaison, ASIS Canada.

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