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AMOK escutcheon keeps students safe with emergency lockdown

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SALTO Systems has launched a brand new electronic escutcheon designed for use in the educational environment. It ensures schools, colleges and universities are a secure, safe place to learn by enabling buildings and facilities to be quickly locked down during a security or other emergency event.

In such a situation it could be safer for students and staff to remain in a classroom, securely locked in until the emergency is over, so SALTO AMOK escutcheons enable authorised users to put the electronic locks into a standalone lock down mode, securing the room until help or the emergency services arrive on scene.

Compatible with almost any type of door, SALTO AMOK electronic escutcheons have a built-in card reader on the inner escutcheon. This inner reader enables users to activate the AMOK function mode in order to lock down the room quickly. Only authorised users with AMOK privileges on their access plan can activate it.

The AMOK function mode is initially configured on a user’s card access plan by the School, College or University Security Manager via SALTO Pro Access or HAMS software. In the event of a security event, a teacher or other person with AMOK privileges on their SALTO access credential just needs to present it to the inside reader of the SALTO AMOK electronic escutcheon. A green light on the escutcheon signals the AMOK function has been activated and occupants are then securely locked inside the room.

If anyone tries to enter the room when the AMOK mode is activated the outside reader shows red and the SALTO electronic escutcheon will deny access keeping the room and its occupants safe and secure.

Of course, for security reasons, an authorised AMOK card with lockdown override privileges (typically held by a Headmaster, Principal or Security Manager) will be able to access the locked down room at all times. In this case the reader will again show green and access will be given so occupants can be moved to a safer location or enable Police or emergency services to enter the room.

During normal use, to deactivate AMOK mode, the teacher or other person in the room with AMOK privileges on their card, simply presents the card to the inside reader for a second time, the reader will show green and AMOK mode will be deactivated.

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