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UK company launches multi-coloured biometric reader

iEvo has announced the launch of the next generation of biometric reader for use in access systems.

The iEvo system integrates with existing card or fob access systems and has been designed to work out of the box, requiring basic electrical installation skills and minimal maintenance. Among the innovations of the iEvo system is an internal heater that activates when the temperature drops to eight degrees, meaning the unit can operate to a minimum of minus twenty degrees celsius.

The iEvo reader can be manufactured in any colour the end user requires. It is totally waterproof and vandal resistant; and can be flush or surface mounted to any interior or exterior surface.

The iEvo system will scan your finger print through levels of dust, dirt, water, grease, oil, creams and even some latex gloves. The product is being rolled out in the UK over the coming months with oversees agents appointed later in the year.



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