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Securitas rolls out data centre certification globally to employees

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Securitas recently announced the availability of a data centre certification for its employees, with plans to train more than 10,000 staff.

The training, which became available in February, complements the launch of Securitas’ Global Data Center Group in 2023.

Securitas staff who successfully complete the training — which focuses on physical access control, emergency response procedures, adherence to ethics and professional conduct — will be recognized as Certified Data Centre Security Professionals.

“Securitas’ certified data centre professionals will serve as vigilant eyes and ears, enhancing client safety by identifying hazards and improving working practices,” said the company in a press release when the training program was first announced.

The certification is available globally, including to Securitas employees working in Canada. Staff who currently work for one of Securitas’ data centre clients will be automatically enrolled in the program via the company’s learning management system and receive a notification that it is available to them. New Securitas employees working in data centres will take the training as part of their on-boarding process.

At the moment, the certification is internal to Securitas, but there are efforts underway which would allow it to be recognized as a global industry standard.

Bert den Hartog, vice-president, global clients, Securitas, said the certification serves a dual purpose: to offer a higher level of service to the company’s data centre clients while providing valuable skills to Securitas staff and allowing them to gain a better understanding of how their role contributes to data centre security.

“Our officers will be security specialists in the data centre environment. Our specialists will be better prepared to provide security and safety service in a data centre and to continue with their professional development,” said den Hartog in an email interview with Canadian Security.

Securitas also plans to add more modules to the data centre training over time.

According to den Hartog, Securitas offers a broad range of training initiatives in addition to the data centre certification. Some training, which focuses on business ethics and values, is mandatory for Securitas employees.

These programs “make sure everyone in our company understands our core values, being integrity, helpfulness and vigilance, to make our world a safer place according to our mission,” he said.

Other, more specialized programs vary depending on the client or industry. “It has been proven that investment in people leads to better service and quality,” he added.

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