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Research shows ongoing challenges with diversity, equity and inclusion in the cybersecurity community

By Canadian Security Staff   

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(ISC)2 recently published a new research study that highlights the  challenges diverse cybersecurity professionals around the world face and provides recommendations to create change.

“In Their Own Words: Women and People of Color Detail Experiences Working in Cybersecurity” provides access to the personal experiences of minority cybersecurity practitioners, providing a lens with which to view the concepts of equity and inclusion in today’s workplaces, according to the association.

The focus group research included diverse professionals from nine countries and asked how DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) is defined in different regions, why creating DEI programs that work is so difficult, the types of work-related challenges diverse professionals face, and what strategies they believe are successful when building diverse cultures. The study outlines eight recommendations for improving DEI in cybersecurity teams, from implementing cultural sensitivity training to documenting clear advancement practices.

“The most effective way to build awareness of the need for DEI is to help convey the real experiences of diverse professionals to all of their peers. Instead of focusing on statistics and demographics, we listened to the concerns raised and challenges faced by these individuals and are doing our best to amplify their voices,” said Clar Rosso, CEO, (ISC)² in a press release.


“What we found is that many issues are universal to the experiences of diverse professionals no matter where they live and work. That tells us that the strategies and solutions to improve organizational practices also have a lot in common, including overcoming unconscious bias, providing pathways for advancement, hiring diverse leaders and championing equitable pay structures.”

The study was released in conjunction with the InclusionREADY program at the annual (ISC)² Security Congress, which was held virtually Oct. 18-20.


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