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Jennifer Brown   

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Safety Technology International, Inc. newly designed Exit Stopper is designed to solve the problem of unauthorized exits and entries of fire/emergency doors. 

The Exit Stopper can be used as both an exit alarm to detect persons
leaving through fire exits or as an annunciator to let you know someone
has entered through your protected door. In annunciator mode, the
device announces a door entry with a set of 5 beeps.  In exit alarm
mode, the alarm can be set to sound for 30 seconds, three minutes or
indefinitely (until it is disarmed with a key or battery is drained).  

There is also a 15-second delay option, to allow an authorized
keyholder to exit the door.  Alarm can also be programmed for a
15-second re-entry delay, if desired.  The sound intensity choice for
the alarm is 95dB or 105 dB.

Other models are available. The STI-6402 is for double door
installation, STI-6403 has a remote horn and STI-6405 has an “always
active” feature. 



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