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Multi-purpose tester tests voltage on-site without a multimeter

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Seco-Larm is shipping its Enforcer 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose 12VDC Tester (ST-BT01Q). The ST-BT01Q performs the following five tests in the field: voltage, load, polarity, voltage drop and PTC fuse.

The tester has six LEDs and the patented SECO-LARM Illuminated Power Connector to clearly show the results of each test.

The ST-BT01Q tests voltage on-site without a multimeter. A simulated
load can then be applied to power sources to check voltages under 1A or
500mA loads. Using the illuminated power connector, the polarity of
wiring can be checked quickly by showing correct polarity (blue), and
incorrect polarity (red). Voltage drop can be tested by checking the
voltage first at the power source, then at the end of a cable run. PTC
fuses can be accurately checked by applying a load to them, something a
multimeter cannot do.

Other features include a DC jack input for plugging DC power sources
directly into the tester, an overheat function to protect the tester
from damage, and uneven-length alligator clip test leads to prevent
them from touching while tests are being performed.

Seco-Larm USA Inc.


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