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LCN 4040XP is new standard in door controls

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Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has announced that the LCN 4040XP closer, will now be offered as the standard door closer from LCN. 

The 4040XP was previously offered as an upgrade over the LCN 4040 but will now replace the 4040 and be offered at the standard price.
The primary upgrade in the 4040XP is within the pinion, which is 20 per cent larger than the 4040 and, by far, the largest in the industry. The new pinion also utilizes revamped teeth geometry, increasing efficiency while in operation. The result is a 40 per cent increase in strength, as well as a significant increase in the lifespan of the door closer.

“The LCN 4040XP has gone through an extensive testing process by experienced engineers who are committed to quality,” emphasizes Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies Joseph Vaida, mechanical marketing manager for LCN.  “Wanting to work with our channel partners and their users both before and after the purchase, LCN provides top quality design and customer service. The value of the LCN name goes far beyond the product itself.”

According to Vaida, LCN has made significant investments in not only the testing and design of LCN closers, such as the 4040XP, but in quality assurance during every step of the manufacturing process. This benefits both end-users and the channel.

“End-users have much more important things to worry about than having to fix doors that are not functioning properly while channel partners stake their reputation and their profits on the products they sell,” adds Vaida.  “Every time they are called out to fix a problem, the trust they have with their customers and their profit margin diminishes. Thus, the 4040XP closer is a great choice for any application where the closer can be put under duress, whether it is from heavy traffic or significant abuse.”

The 4040XP closer becomes the new standard in door controls August 1, 2011.

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