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LA airport shooting lessons still being implemented

By Tami Abdollah for The Associated Press   

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A year after a man walked into Los Angeles International Airport with an assault rifle and a vendetta against security screeners, efforts are still underway to prepare for such attacks.

An airport review of the Nov. 1, 2013, emergency response concluded it was hindered by communication and co-ordination problems.

A federal report found most TSA officers at 450 airports nationwide wanted better security.

Training efforts and technology upgrades are ongoing, but the physical security of unarmed TSA officers at airports is mainly determined by airport operators and local police.

New Jersey-native Paul Ciancia is accused of killing TSA Officer Gerardo Hernandez and injuring three others in the Nov. 1 attack.


He has pleaded not guilty to 11 federal charges, including murder of a federal officer.

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