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Neil Sutton   

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The KARE MINI Key Access Ready Enclosure (KARE) from MedixSafe is a smaller, more compact version of the standard KARE heavy duty key control cabinet. More than a place to store keys, it gives the user control over their keys by limiting access to authorized users only and knowledge of who has accessed keys and when. It is equipped with a Wiegand output card reader that integrates into a user’s existing access control system. The KARE MINI allows users to access important keys using their existing cards. The cabinet can be locked at all times to safeguard assets and prevents access by unauthorized personnel. The KARE MINI is compatible with HID as well as Multi-Class prox cards. It weighs 22 pounds and stands 10”H x 10”W x 4.5” D. A suitable solution for smaller organizations, it can accommodate 12-24 keys or keysets. In contrast, the standard KARE model accommodates up to 48 keys or keysets while the KARE XL can house 192 – 224 keys or keysets, depending on the chosen configuration. Like its other KARE counterparts, the MINI features an electronic cam lock with swing handle and key override. It provides an audit trail, as all event transactions, cardholder’s data and system control parameters are stored in the panel’s onboard memory. All data will remain intact, even in the event of a power failure.

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