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Into the infrared

Jennifer Brown   

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Avigilon, has launched the Avigilon Performance Surveillance System featuring high-sensitivity Gigabit Ethernet cameras, ranging in resolution from VGA to 11 megapixels, and high-capacity recorders that capture and preserve surveillance evidence using lossless compression.

Avigilon’s surveillance system is comprised of the following four components: multi-megapixel cameras which feature gigabit Ethernet connectivity and progressive scan CCD sensors to deliver true 14-bit dynamic range and are sensitive across the entire visible spectrum and into near infrared wavelengths; gigabit transmission which can stream images 10 times faster than cameras that only support 100 megabit Ethernet; lossless recording to capture image data exactly as it is produced by the camera’s sensor, ensuring that all image evidence is preserved and enhanced viewing allowing users to view live and recorded multi-megapixel surveillance streams.

Built-in image enhancement features are designed to reveal image details, in real-time, that are invisible to the human eye.

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