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Alanna Fairey   

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In these times of COVID-19, retailers need to reassure their customers that is it safe to shop at their stores.

The challenges are already numerous to manage INSIDE the stores with social distancing, handwashing, masks, etc…but what about OUTSIDE your stores?

We are seeing long lines of customers outside as we have to restrict the number of customers allowed inside at a time. Having strict but customer-friendly approach to social distancing is key to bringing back shoppers to your stores. They need to see that you are adding measures to protect them.The situation is evolving continuously and even health authority recommendations seem to be changing every week.

Security guards or extra employees are often hired to help manage the flow but how can you, as Loss Prevention Manager or Store Manager, oversee multiple stores and compliance in each one in real time?

A perceived lack of security measures could lead to negative social media posts and drive customers away.


One of the most critical times for safety and security on your shopping center property is when employees, customers, and other people are in transition on the property, whether at the beginning of the day, the end of the day, or when they are coming and going from the property. People coming and going from their workplaces create a tempting target for thieves and criminals. Customers are also prime targets, especially at opening and closing hours when traffic is lighter.

To make thing more challenging, as more customers will be heading back and fill parking lots, car theft will likely rise back up again. During and after business hours, unwanted loiterers can intimidate customers, cause trouble, and attract negative attention to your property.


What if you could deploy a mobile video system in your parking lot, visible to customers as well as potential thieves? Something simple to move by non-technical people, something that requires no power or network infrastructure, that would give you live viewing of your multiple sites, something that would reassure your customers and employees?

Introducing the Ver-Mac’s Watch Tower Guardian series. Made in Canada by a company renowned for its quality products, made to last and operate year-round in our ever-changing Canadian weather.

In 2020, customers and shareholders are looking for proven, safer, long-lasting, eco-friendly solutions. These products operate on rechargeable batteries and solar energy for a completely silent, secure, non-polluting, and maintenance-free operation.Live Video or recording can be seen on any smartphones or pc directly to you or they can be linked to Video monitoring centers.

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