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GlassGate 400 Optical turnstile

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Smarter Security Systems, provider of intelligent entrance control and outdoor security solutions, has announced the availability of its new Fastlane GlassGate 400 optical turnstile.


“The new GlassGate 400 is a powerful addition to the Fastlane brand.
Until now, we have not tried to compete in the higher security
“full-height” arena. Like previous additions to the brand, GlassGate
400 advances the category by adding significant new features and
benefits,” said Jeff Brown, President of Smarter Security Systems.
“Unlike others, Fastlane ensures that high security doesn’t have to
compromise looks. We showed it at ISC West in Las Vegas earlier this
month, and many attendees complimented the GlassGate 400’s unique

The glass gates rise to six feet off
the ground making it much more difficult to go over the barrier and
making any attempt a more obvious offense. The barrier glass also comes
with a brake that resists efforts to push open the gates, thereby not
just alarming intruders but stopping them at the turnstile. Some
customers will prefer the safety of breakaway glass gates, which is why
GlassGate 400 gives them a choice.  This “brake” can be turned on or
off by the end user after installation, adaptability that is unique in
the industry.
GlassGate 400 features open air sides, another industry first. With no
metal side panels and the transparent glass of the gates, Fastlane
GlassGate 400 blends into the fabric of a lobby like no other turnstile
system; the architectural aesthetics of any lobby can actually be seen
through the optical turnstile. This results in a minimal impact on the
lobby appearance and is a design that will appeal to architects and end
users alike. Also available with this turnstile is the option to put a
gate on each side of any pedestal for adjacent ADA lanes, which saves
customers both space and money.
Smarter Security

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