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Digital Payment Technologies launches LUKE II multi-space pay station

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The LUKE II pay station can be customized to meet specific needs and evolve over time as those needs change without costly hardware upgrades.

Designed for easy integration with technologies and services from parking industry partners, LUKE II enables the implementation of best-in-class parking solutions. Following are the top new features available with LUKE II:
Multiple operational modes: Supports Pay-and-Display, Pay-by-Space and Pay-by-License Plate parking modes.
Separate maintenance and collection compartments: Enhances security, collections efficiency and audit abilities.
Enhanced locking mechanism and electronic lock support: Offers doors with improved security and access control, and sensors that provide alerts to the Enterprise Management System (EMS) regarding activity with doors and currency collection canisters.
38-Key Alphanumeric Keypad: Allows for easy navigation and insertion of license plate information for the Pay-by-License Plate operational mode.
Extend-by-Phone: Allows consumers to receive a text message when time is about to expire and add time via text, for credit card based transactions initiated at the pay station.

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