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Cleveland boosts security for Republican convention

The city of Cleveland was given a $50-million grant to boost security specifically for the four-day Republican National Convention, taking place from July 18-21. According to an article on CBC News, about 4,000 to 5,000 state and local law enforcement officers will be on hand for the event, and have gone through comprehensive training.

The city ordered extra equipment, including 2,000 sets of riot gear with body armour and batons, 2,500 steel barriers and 16 police motorcycles, CNN reported.

Last Friday, officials set up concrete traffic dividers and tall metal fences around the convention site, propelled by fresh urgency in the wake of the Nice attack, according to CBC.

Cleveland’s police chief says the force has gone through “what if” scenarios and “table top” exercises, and he feel they have planned for everything that could happen.

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