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Canadians returning home from Boston Marathon carnage

By The Canadian Press   

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TORONTO — Canadians who escaped two deadly explosions at the Boston Marathon are trickling home as the gruesome attack raises security concerns around the world.

More than 2,000 Canadians were registered for the storied race, but Ottawa said late Monday it appeared none were reported among the three killed and more than 140 hurt.


Foreign Affairs officials said they would continue to check with their counterparts south of the border to confirm that no Canadians were directly caught in the blasts.

Meanwhile, those who witnessed the carnage swapped stories of survival in an effort to cope with the shock.


Rob Campbell, who was among a group of Canadian runners who finished the marathon an hour before the explosions, said he met an Oklahoma man who ran right through the chaos.

“He just kept going, went to the centre of the road and finished the race because he thought there might be bombs going off on the right side of the road also,” he said. “He had a pretty fascinating story.”

Campbell said local residents were enraged by what happened.

“They’re taking this thing really serious,” he said. “They’re not expecting this sort of thing to happen.”

Campbell said he was planning to drive back home to Toronto with a friend on Tuesday and was bracing for major delays on the roads.

“I would expect the troopers are probably going to choke down the traffic,” he said. “I suspect they’re going to investigate every car leaving Boston at this stage.”

Meanwhile, Melinda Campbell, who planned to fly back to Toronto Tuesday night, said she wasn’t changing her travel plans but was prepared to stay in Boston longer if she had to.

“I think the airport might be a bit of a zoo,” she said. “I might end up just having to stay because there’s no flights to get out.”

There was no indication from U.S. authorities as to who may have carried out the bombings and police said no arrests had been made. Officials also said there had been no claims of responsibility.

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