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Brivo integrates with PPM 2000

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Brivo Systems LLC and PPM 2000 Inc., have announced the integration between Brivo’s ACS WebService and PPM’s Perspective Incident Reporting & Investigation Management software.

The integration between the two SaaS-based solutions means that select access control events can now be passed to an incident reporting system for documentation, analysis, and follow-up.

The Brivo access control system records activity for every access-related event and transmits specific events to the Perspective incident reporting system. Once this data is acquired, Perspective uses established business rules to flag patterns or specific events and automatically create incident reports. Such incidents are documented real-time and notifications can be sent to senior management and investigators.

Brivo demonstrated this integration at the recently concluded ASIS Annual Seminar & Exhibits, showing how specific events (e.g., a door forced open, invalid card, etc.) logged by the Brivo system could automatically trigger an actionable Perspective incident report. With this escalation of access events to incident status, Perspective now offers highly valuable in-depth statistical analysis and follow-up investigation management.

Direct transfer of data from one system to another eliminates human error and duplicate data entry, significantly improving productivity and security outcomes. In addition, every Perspective customer can utilize their Brivo access data in a way unique to their own needs by setting up business rules that create incident reports for the access activity they want to track.


Brian McIlravey, CPP, PPM 2000’s Co-CEO stated, “Since PPM and Brivo both offer SaaS-based services, this integration enables any organization to employ a cloud-based approach to access control and integrated incident reporting. It completes the life cycle of incident management in regards to access control—while the majority of ACS events may not require an incident report or a follow-up investigation; those that do need to be escalated are automatically submitted to our system with all related data.

“This is a cloud-to-cloud integration, so none of the critical data transfer and acquisition takes place on-premise—a huge savings for the customer,” said Steve Van Till, President and CEO of Brivo Systems. “Even more important, by incorporating physical security data into the incident management framework, we ensure the completeness of datasets used for corporate risk and compliance.”

The Brivo access control system and PPM 2000 Perspective software are sold and installed separately and then connected via a network interface using Brivo’s Datasync connector.

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