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Bosch Upgrades Divar XF Hybrid DVR

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Bosch Security Systems Inc. has introduced new firmware and Control Center software for the Divar XF Hybrid Digital Video Recorder - an embedded DVR that supports eight or 16 analogue cameras and up to eight H.264 IP video streams. With these upgrades, customers can now automate event handling, and connect and control all Divar XF and Divar-2 DVRs in a system.

Divar XF Control Center Software 2.5 allows customers to integrate an unlimited number of Divar XF and Divar-2 DVRs into a single system, providing access to all recorders over IP from a single workstation.

Firmware 2.5 adds advanced event handling to the Divar XF to enable alarm events to trigger actions automatically. Based on the type of alert, individual cameras can be recorded, displayed, or moved into a pre-set position, bringing security concerns to an operator's attention more quickly. Users can also program motion events to generate an alarm and require operators to acknowledge the alert.

Firmware 2.5 also provides Windows Vista support, improved motion sensitivity for better detection of small objects, and the ability to configure viewing rights per camera for each user. This feature allows all cameras to be recorded but only a selection to be accessible to the operator.

The free Control Center software and firmware upgrades for the Divar XF are now available for download.

Bosch Security Systems Inc.

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