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Mobile, cloud-based personal security services improve employee productivity: report

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Platform provides advanced technologies with high scalability to thousands of employees, enhancing their peace of mind, finds Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan’s latest paper, Recognizing the Personal Security and Peace-of-Mind Gap Outside of Enterprise Facilities, analyzes the core criteria for enterprise-wide personal security services as well as the rise of the personal security services market. It also analyzes the advantages of cloud-based Personal Security-as-a-Service for all employees on the go.

“Organizations that wish to protect their employees outside the enterprise facility have to offer mobile solutions that are agile enough to adapt to changing personal risks for employees and their families,” explained Danielle Van Zandt, industry analyst | Aerospace & Defense at Frost & Sullivan, in a prepared statement. “Any personal security solution must be seamless for individuals to use, with simple controls and convenient access or communication means. It should also allow individuals to interact with security services personnel via a variety of communication means such as text, voice call, video, or panic button functionality.”

Efficient personal security platforms should incorporate advanced technologies to offer high quality and scalability to thousands of mobile employees simultaneously. Bond’s personal security services platform offers these capabilities and functionalities in addition to the following benefits:

  • 24/7 background-checked, employed, trained, certified Personal Security Agents who respond within seconds.
  • Ability to seamlessly orchestrate 911 first responders.
  • Communication between Bond Personal Security Agents and a member’s contacts under specific circumstances.
  • Access to all personal security services and capabilities via the Bond app.
  • Orchestration of resources via a community of providers to deliver services such as roadside assistance, telemedicine, on-demand bodyguards and more.
  • Protection of user data during communications with Bond Personal Security Agents and between individuals and their organizational security teams.
  • Increased productivity and focus.
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