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Wireless elevator kit extends reach of access control system

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Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, has announced that its new ECK400 Elevator Kit can save thousands of dollars per elevator in installation costs. Although traveling cables are routinely included at the time of installation, they are often ill equipped to reliably transport credential data from the cab to the elevator controller.

“Elevators are a prime candidate for wireless systems,” explains Karen Keating, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies Portfolio Marketing Manager, Schlage Electronic Locking.  “The ECK400 Elevator Kit works in tandem with any access control system to provide up to 1,000 feet of clear line of site elevator access control eliminating the problems and costs of traveling cable.”

According to Keating, elevator shafts are harsh electrical environments and are often the source of data corrupting noise that becomes induced onto the card reader data lines.  This causes inconsistent performance, which often gets worse over time as cable shielding decays due to continual movement.

“Conversely, the ECK400 wireless solution eliminates the need for the data lines in elevators up to 1000 feet,” Keating adds. “In fact, they thrive in this environment and provide consistent, reliable data transport that doesn’t wear out.  With traveling cable installation costs ranging from $2,600 to $13,000 or more per cab, the wireless alternative can save thousands of dollars per elevator.”

The kit, which includes the panel interface module (PIM), wireless reader interface, antenna and 12 VDC transformer, makes installation easy.  The antenna attaches to the ceiling of the elevator shaft, the wireless reader installs on the top of the elevator cab, the card reader goes on the inside of the elevator cab, and the PIM mounts on the wall of the elevator shaft.


The new ECK400 Elevator Kit is available now.

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