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Wireless alarm system promises reliability of wired

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Visonic Ltd., has launched the PowerMaster-10 wireless alarm system.

Using a combination of advanced and military-grade communication technologies, PowerMaster-10 answers consumer demands for a cost-effective, reliable wireless intruder alarm system while providing security professionals with easy installations and central monitoring stations with remote diagnostic and maintenance tools. It offers many unparalleled benefits, including green, energy-saving technology, vast transmission range, and a new toolset for fast and easy installations. 
With Visonic’s PowerG technology at the core of the system, PowerMaster-10 redefines the reliability and strength of wireless home security. PowerG uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, derived from military communication applications, to successfully overcome intentional and unintentional interferences and jamming. It employs the proven AES-128 advanced encryption to protect the home alarm system from sophisticated intruders, code grabbing and message substitution by hackers. Message collisions are eliminated with full two-way TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) synchronized communication technology.

The PowerMaster-10 alarm system is equipped with a new toolset that significantly simplifies and shortens installation time and provides the means for fast and effective system configuration and maintenance. With remote enrollment, configuration and review capabilities for all peripherals, installations are easy and fast. And with powerful onsite RF diagnostic tools, remote system maintenance is also possible.

Moreover, the extremely large transmission range (2000m/ 6000ft line of sight*), far greater than the industry standard, means large premises can be completely protected without the need for repeaters. Shorter installation times and remote maintenance also means central monitoring stations will benefit from significant cost savings.

In keeping with increasing consumer demands for green, environmentally-friendly products, PowerMaster-10 has been designed for minimum power consumption. It incorporates an adaptive transmission power mechanism so each device in the network continuously measures the communication quality and automatically sets its transmission power to the minimum. As a result, the battery life of devices can exceed eight years, and the air is “cleaner” due to the minimized transmissions.


The PowerMaster-10 system includes a newly designed control panel, PIR motion detector and a pet-immune model, door/window contact, keyfob, outdoor siren, GSM module, and repeater. For central monitoring stations, a new supporting version of the IP Management Platform is available. PowerMaster-10 – like the revolutionary PowerG technology that drives it – builds on Visonic’s longstanding leadership in wireless security. “This new alarm system is the result of our extensive and ongoing R&D efforts to improve the security, reliability and ease-of-installation of wireless intrusion alarm products,” says Laila Arad-Allan, VP of Marketing at Visonic. “Wireless technologies have numerous advantages over traditional wired systems, and also some limitations. PowerMaster-10 is the first cost-effective system to offer all the benefits of a wireless alarm system with reliability and strength close to that of a wired system. We are confident that PowerMaster-10 and the additional PowerG-based systems we will deliver in 2011 are going to set a new benchmark in the security market.”

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