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Winnipeg security guard returns to work after being stabbed

By The Canadian Press   

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A Winnipeg security guard who was stabbed last week while trying to stop a car thief was so dedicated to his job he returned hours later after being treated in hospital and apologized to his boss for not finishing his shift.

The attack on the 36-year-old guard happened he went to the rear of an apartment building to check out some suspicious activity.

Claire Olfrey, the building’s resident manager, said the guard saw video surveillance of a man trying to break into a car parked in a loading zone on the north side of the building.

Olfrey said the guard went out and confronted the man, but was chased back into the building.

The guard, who works for an independent company, suffered a stab wound to his shoulder in the altercation.


“He got out of the hospital at 4 a.m., came back to pick up his things and he apologized for not finishing his shift,” said Olfrey, who has since contacted the man’s boss to see how he is doing.

“He did his best, and we really like him.”

Mia Rico said she’s grateful for the guard for watching over her vehicle with vigilance, after she darted inside the building for a quick stop.

Rico encountered the guard inside the building after he’d been stabbed and as he called for emergency help, before officials arrived.

“I’m just so thankful,” said Rico. “It could have been me.”

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