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Leveraging Surveillance for Visual Data Beyond Security

 Sponsored by Johnson Controls

Join Canadian Security and Johnny Bunch, director of technology services, City of Rome, Georgia, for a free webinar presentation on leveraging surveillance for visual data beyond security.

From buildings and parking lots to water plants and public utilities, Bunch was tasked with the mission to provide security and ensure worker safety across an entire city. Faced with expansive areas, properties spread-out over many locations, and critical systems that needed to be regularly checked, the city realized they needed to reimagine how surveillance was deployed and utilized.

“If you are just using surveillance for traditional security, you are missing out on opportunities to reduce costs across different operations, save people time, and enhance worker safety.” — Johnny Bunch, Director of Technology Services – City of Rome, Georgia

No matter if you are a small business, large enterprise or government organization you will walk away from this webinar with helpful tips, strategies, and new ideas on how to leverage your existing surveillance to drive operational efficiency beyond security.

Topics discussed include:
Reimagining surveillance as a tool beyond security
Changing processes and getting people excited about change
Surveillance implementation strategies
Leveraging visual data for worker safety

Registration is free! This webinar is now available on-demand.


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