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VMS and PSIM functionality

OnSSI's Ocularis LS is the newest addition to the company’s family of VMS solutions – Ocularis PS, Ocularis IS, Ocularis CS and Ocularis ES. Ocularis LS features VMS and PSIM functionality for streaming, recording and managing an unlimited number of cameras. Designed for mobility, Ocularis LS also incorporates edge recording support for local recording on the camera in the absence of network connectivity, and automatic and seamless download of the recorded video when in range of the network. Ocularis LS is designed for buses, trains, mobile law enforcement and medium to large facilities. Ocularis LS also supports OnSSI’s innovative mobile and web add on, featuring the High Definition Interactive Streaming (HDIS) technology to deliver multiple HD camera streams, live or recorded, at full resolution and frame rate, over limited bandwidth to an iPad or approved mobile device.

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