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Visual pattern recognition identifies BOB

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EYEBO POS’s visual pattern recognition technology solves the bottom of basket (BOB) loss problem by including BOB items as part of the transaction. The product increases revenues by automatically detecting and ringing up those items as part of the transaction.

EYEBO POS captures transaction data and BOB images to enable thorough
reporting on what is going through the checkout lanes under the cart
and provides an audit trail to deter collusion.

Using Evolution Robotics Retail’s visual pattern recognition
technology, EYEBO POS detects and identifies specific items on the
bottom of the cart from a predefined list of items.

A smart camera is flush-mounted in the checkout lane, continuously
watching for items. When an item is detected and recognized, its UPC
information is sent directly through an Ethernet connection to the POS.
Each Eyebo POS can check two lanes simultaneously. The item can remain
under the basket, and with EYEBO POS, you are assured to get paid for



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