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VideoComm debuts RTWAVE OFDM systems

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VideoComm Technologies has introduced the RT-Wave OFDM digital video series. 
The RT-Wave Wireless Series delivers real-time, high-resolution
encrypted digital video up to 200 Miles. Featuring a revolutionary pre-configured
design, the system does not require setup, software or programming, minimizing
installation time and maximizing results. The RT-Wave series boasts a lightning
fast hardware-based MPEG-4 ViXS engineered chipset for absolute real-time
DVD quality video. 

This IP-67 rated all-weather series features an industry leading 5-tier input power
management system providing ESD surge / lightning protection up to 1,500
Watts. The low current consumption combined with the unique ability to operate
from any AC or DC non-polarized electrical source makes this the most installer
friendly EPS / CEC Class (IV) compliant system on the market. 
These systems transmit license free video / audio in the most hostile RF
environments with advanced OFDM digital immunity to signal interference and a
64-bit encrypted data stream. Perfect for the most extreme long-range
applications including: freeway monitoring, border control, elevator surveillance,
and building-to-building video links. 
For more than a decade, VideoComm Technologies has provided new and
innovative solutions to the growing demand for security communications. Today,
RT-Wave wireless devices eliminate the high-costs associated with running cable
over long distances or difficult to reach locations. This new and innovative
technology enables today’s security professional to provide economical wireless
solutions to unique applications with no wires attached.


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