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Vicon system controller

Vicon Industries Inc., has introduced a new system controller that offers compatibility with both traditional Pilot matrix switching systems and ViconNet digital video management systems.

It may also be used with ViconNet’s Virtual Matrix Controller that
simulates the operation of a crosspoint matrix system. The new
V1500X-SCCS controller, housed in a modern silver enclosure, features a
touch-sensitive LCD screen that provides control of the various systems
through the use of changing menus that vary by mode.

A joystick, jog/shuttle wheel and traditional keypad work in tandem
with the touch screen, providing the user with an experience that is
intuitive and natural and makes operation easy to master. The unit
provides the ability to select cameras, monitors, presets, tours and
salvos and to control standard PTZ, lens, auxillary relay, lens speed,
auto-pan and auto-iris functions. Up to 8 macros can be set and
recalled, each featuring up to 32 steps.


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