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For over 30 years, STANLEY Healthcare has been committed to designing and delivering leading-edge healthcare solutions that empower caregivers and enable safe, secure, and efficient patient care. As a trusted partner to 15,000 healthcare organizations worldwide, STANLEY Healthcare is unique in the breadth of caregivers we serve across the care continuum, including healthcare security professionals.

Our industry-leading Real-Time Location System (RTLS) platform provides hospital-wide visibility, real-time alerting and analytics for a variety of applications—including Staff Protection, Infant Protection, Patient Protection, Contact Tracing, Asset Management, Temperature and Environmental Monitoring, Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring and Patient and Staff Workflow.

Helping Security Professionals Protect the Most Vulnerable

Some individuals need more of your care: newborns at risk of abduction, patients who might wander, or your own nursing colleagues in the ED facing violence as a daily reality. STANLEY Healthcare’s Protection Solutions help security teams create a safer work and care environment.

Staff Protection

Workplace violence in healthcare settings is a widespread and well documented issue.  In a recent Canadian Nurses Association brief, it stated 61% of nurses who participated in a Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) survey reported experiencing abuse, harassment and assault during the year preceding the survey.

STANLEY Healthcare’s Staff Protection solution is designed as a mission-critical enterprise system to help increase safety for caregivers, and reduce the hospital’s risk and financial exposure.  The mission-critical solution enables nursing and other staff to call for help no matter where they are in the hospital, giving them control over their safety without impacting workflow. And, provides real-time situational awareness so security staff responding can see exactly who has called for help and where they are, with location updated in real-time.

Infant Protection

We are proud that our Hugs® Infant Protection solution has kept infants safe in hospitals since 1998. Hugs is the world’s #1 most trusted solution, protecting more than 2 million infants every year—and growing!

Hugs is the community standard for infant safety, offering advanced and secure infant and pediatrics protection that is effective and scalable from a single department to the entire hospital.  Our goal is to empower today’s security and clinical teams with advanced, yet simple, technology that supports a safe and secure healing environment for infants, children and mothers.

STANLEY Healthcare’s RTLS platform puts essential information into the hands of security professionals to respond faster to incidents and create a safer environment. Taking a comprehensive approach and investing in an enterprise solution will position your institution to better protect people in your hospital.  To learn more about our about our Protection Solutions, visit us at