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Securitas is a global leader in the security industry that has been providing protective services since 1934. As one of Canada’s largest providers of security services and a leader within our industry, over 8,000 employees provide security services to thousands of public and private customers, large or small, across all business sectors in Canada.

Using our values of Integrity, Vigilance, and Helpfulness to guide our business practices, Securitas has been able to provide services to clients in 56 countries globally. Our values have allowed us to build the trust and confidence necessary between our clients, colleagues, and community.

Our ability to respond quickly to societal and safety changes is what makes us a trusted and valued service provider; our pandemic response services have been created and continue to be updated with the help, expertise, and guidance from Securitas Canada’s leadership team, who have utilized their experience to train employees, guide employees, and safely navigate the COVID-19 health crisis across the nation. Our knowledge spans across dozens of diverse industries and hundreds of clients, including Fortune 500 healthcare, manufacturing, consumer products, and technology firms, positioning us as one of the leading security organizations to manage your business and safety concerns.

To maintain our leading position in the security industry, we continue to develop innovative security solutions in order to provide our customers with the best possible value for their security program and concerns. Services like our RGGo technology have proven to be cost-effective, highly functioning security programs that remotely secure client sites and make for a successful pandemic response. RGGo connects our highly trained Remote Guards with first-in-class camera technology to provide Remote Escorts to employees or use analytics to protect your facility without costly or time-consuming installation. Intelligent video surveillance is expected to grow, and we believe this technology of real-time security will be a key differentiator amongst our competition.

We aim to be a leader in the Canadian security industry, provide operational excellence, and develop leading-edge technological security solutions. Securitas Canada develops customized, optimal, cost-effective security solutions that meet customers’ needs. We will focus our activities on the development of guarding solutions to enhance our customers’ security; we will work with you to find comprehensive security solutions that suit your needs and budget.

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