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Focus On Healthcare Security 2022
December 6, 2022 at 1:00pm ET

Session 3: Establishing an in-house security guard program at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

Speaker: Dave Gadoury, Security/Emergency Preparedness Manager, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

In July 2019, CKHA transitioned to an in-house security model. Having an annual turnover rate of 75%, the organization made the calculated decision to transition security to an in-house model.

Healthcare security has changed. In today’s environment the expectation of a healthcare security guard involved in a physical intervention has become very real as workplace violence rates in healthcare have skyrocketed. A healthcare security guard is required to develop a specific skillset to meet the needs of patients. Customer service is a large part of de-escalation skills, as well as a proficiency in management of resistive behaviour, restraint application, and articulating physical interventions in a report. Along with training and certification, a healthcare security guard needs time to develop themselves to be proficient at their skillset.

Since the transition, CKHA has received positive feedback from patients, visitors, staff and external partners.

Dave Gadoury
Dave Gadoury is a Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator with the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety and the Manager of Security and Emergency Preparedness for the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA). With 25 years in security leadership, Dave is very passionate about healthcare security with a focus on developing security teams that are successful in high performance environments. As a pioneer in workplace violence prevention and an IMS background, Dave is driven to develop effective critical incident response plans for the safety of all within the organization and the community.

Dave began his career working in industrial security in Windsor and Chatham-Kent, both contract and in- house security models. In 2011, starting as the first contract security manager at CKHA which then transitioned to the Security/Emergency Preparedness manager in 2015 for CKHA, bringing with him a diverse knowledge base to this new role.