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Two teachers develop software to automate school lockdowns, track behaviour

In Detroit, teachers Matt Ridenour and Josette Rechul recently announced the launch of the TABS (Tracking Appropriate Behaviours) system — a web-based software application designed to assist schools with student management issues.

TABS is a system with instant safe schools lock down automation, Positive Behavioural Intervention and Supports (PBIS) tracking and paperless hall pass technology.

“Every day that I walk into school I see the need for a system like this,” said Ridenour. “Teachers are overwhelmed and they need simple solutions to help monitor students. TABS streamlines a number of cumbersome processes, allowing teachers and administrators to focus on the reasons they are there in the first place.”

The development of TABS began four years ago. Features include:

• Automatic lockdown feature which secures a school and allows secure communication between administration, security and teachers
• Positive and negative behaviour tracking with one click (customizable by school)
• Paperless intervention and referral process that acts as a safety net for students and keeps parents informed
• Digital hall pass functionality that updates in real time
• In-app attendance tracking


Threats and incidents at K-12 schools have risen from a reported 10 per day to over 70 per day following the shooting at Parkland, according to the Educator School Safety Network.