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Tri-Laterial Security Conference looks at 21st century terrorism

By Kathy Macdonald   

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Three of Calgary’s professional security organizations are working together for the third year in a row, to address the growing need for information about the convergence of technology and physical security. The aim? To help security and law enforcement professionals achieve a holistic approach to addressing gaps vulnerable to terrorism, privacy and security risks.


Leading the way for physical and information security professionals and
law enforcement, are the Security Professional Information Exchange
(SPIE) and local chapters of the High Tech Crime Investigation
Association (HTCIA) and ASIS International. This year the three
security organizations have combined efforts with the annual privacy
conference hosted by the University of Calgary, Centre for Information
Security and Cryptography (CISaC). The Tri-Lateral Security Conference
will be held June 19-20, at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino in Calgary,

It makes sense that the hosting organizations work together in this age
of convergence. Bringing together different security silos into one
comprehensive security strategy with consistent goals encourages
collaboration. It prevents inefficiencies, decreases the threats from
social engineering, prevents overlap, lowers staffing costs, and
improves vital communication flow, which is critical to security
awareness. This is especially important at a time when threats to
critical infrastructure, privacy issues and security risks are at the
top of the list for most corporations.

These are messages that the hosting organizations understand. ASIS
International is the world’s largest organization of security
professionals from a wide range of organizations and industries
worldwide. The High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA)
promotes and facilitates the interchange of data, experience, ideas,
and methodologies relating to investigations and security in advanced
technologies and Calgary’s Security Professionals Information Exchange
(SPIE), is a non-profit member-based organization representing the
interests of local security professionals who attend monthly meeting to
learn about security issues. CISaC is a multi-disciplinary research
centre at the University of Calgary devoted to research and development
towards providing security and privacy to information communication

Some of this year’s speakers include Stewart Bell, a senior reporter at
the National Post who covers the national security beat. He is the
author of two books on terrorism; the national best seller Cold Terror
and The Martyr’s Oath. 


Susheel Gupta, is a special advisor to the Canadian Air Transport
Security Authority. Previously, he spent seven years as a computer
crime advisor and prosecutor, working on many unique cases in Canada
including the first mod chip case, the first spam case and the first
copyright act case that resulted in a jail sentence.
A special keynote speaker is Ronald E. Plesco Jr., an internationally
renowned information security and privacy attorney with 14 years
experience in information assurance/privacy, identity management and
computer crime law.  He is now the CEO of the private sector and
federally-funded National Cyber Forensic Training Alliance Foundation
(NCFTA) in Pittsburgh.

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