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Track visitors to your facility

By Canadian Security   

Products Access Control

An new software-based system allows a company to electronically track all onsite visitors and contractors to your facility.    

EXPRESS ENTRY EXIT enables security managers to manage access and exit,
therefore controlling the potential risk that is associated. In the
event of an emergency, an immediate onsite log is created allowing
company officials to contact everyone and ensure that
visitors/contractors are safe and accounted for.

Gone are the unsupervised, illegible logbooks at reception which are
seldom checked or filled out properly. The new EEE system also allows a
company to have unsupervised stations around the plant outside employee
entrances to log visitors both in and out. Each visitor badge is
printed out with all the correct contact information and a photograph
for contractor’s badges can be utilized if required.  The stored
database is easily checked in case of emergency, unlike the written



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