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Toronto mayor seeks more traffic powers for transit officers

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According to a recent article in the Toronto Star, Toronto’s mayor wants to see more traffic powers granted to the city’s transit officers, such as the ability to direct traffic, to help combat gridlock.

The article goes on to say Mayor John Tory contacted Premier Kathleen Wynne to ask about the enhanced authorities:

Granting TTC enforcement officers the ability to direct traffic during events like subway closures was among the recommendations made in a transit staff report that was approved by the TTC’s board last month.

The proposed change wouldn’t require amendments to provincial legislation, but would have to be approved by the Toronto Police Services Board and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

The target date for the changes to take effect is in the third quarter of 2017. In a statement to the Star, Tory said he wrote to Wynne “to ensure that any changes that need to be made at the provincial level are completed quickly this year.”

The mayor said he also supports a recommendation, also made in the December TTC report, that would give TTC officers the power to tag and tow cars that obstruct transit service. That measure would require a change to Toronto’s Municipal Code.

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