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Top 10 Under 40: Braeden Cockburn, Manager, security and life safety, Cadillac Fairview

By Canadian Security Staff   

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What do you enjoy most about your security role?

Throughout my career, I’ve been able to enjoy a variety of different verticals of security in many different locations. To me, the most enjoyable part of security is that there is no uniformity in day-to-day functions, and every day is unpredictable and different. The unpredictability of the job allows me to grow and to constantly be thinking and problem-solving.

How has the industry changed since you became a security professional and what further changes would you like to see?

When I first started in security, guarding was a stepping stone to police or other law enforcement fields. Today, the field of security has drastically changed. It is now being separated from other law enforcement fields and growing into its own independent destination.


What would help the industry today would be to implement a change in frontline staffing requirements, such that they represent the different needs of security. For example, concierge versus a health-care guard, versus a bank guard versus a tactical response guard, etc. A tiered system would allow an individual to work with their own skills and competencies, while utilizing each person’s strengths. This would require a monetary adjustment between the different levels which would also increase staff retention in the industry as a whole, and benefit both in-house and third-party departments.

Outside of professional training, what has helped you the most in terms of skills development?

In terms of skill development, I’ve been privileged to spend time with some great leaders in the industry. Working with these mentors, I have been able to learn from their experiences and their own personal paths.

Working with organizations such as ASIS has helped me to grow tremendously. I’m currently pursuing my CPP designation which I hope to have by the end of the year. I will be aiming to obtain my PSP as well.

How can the security industry encourage more participation and market itself as a viable and thriving career?

We have seen many changes/advances over the past few years, specifically throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has been demonstrated that security is not a one-size-fits all service industry, and there are many unique individuals that make security what it is today. It is important for organizations to know this and to encourage the use of subject matter experts.

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