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Thieves make off with snowblower

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Thieves in Winnipeg appear to be taking the weather into account when they decide what to steal. Recently, security cameras at one Winnipeg house caught two men brazenly taking the homeowner's snowblower right out of his yard in broad daylight.

The video shows the pair pulling up to Rodney Fritz’s home and casually loading the snowblower into their red truck, which had the licence plate covered.

Fritz says he’s upset and angry that someone can come onto his property and just walk away with a large item like that.

He says aside from practical considerations, the snowblower had sentimental value – it was a Christmas gift from his wife more than 20 years ago to take some stress off his back in the winter.

Ward Fyke, Fritz’s neighbour, watched the men take the snowblower and drive off but says he didn’t intervene because he assumed the men knew a member of the Fritz family and were just borrowing the snowblower.


“They just seemed so casual about it,” said Fyke. “They didn’t look suspicious or anything like that, the way they walked around the house and then they proceeded just to drive away.”

“I guess everybody better check their drawers and make sure they haven’t lost their long johns,” said Fritz.

This is not the first cold weather crime in Winnipeg in recent weeks.

Winter gear was also targeted by Winnipeg thieves in November, when 40 parkas worth more than $15,000 were stolen.

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